Saturday, May 12, 2007

A little Self Promotion

I'm not one for bigging myself up as the regular readers to this blog will know, however a little bit of self promotion is in order.

I've started something over on Myspace, the link is the last one in the side bar, and though I've got the blog going, it's going to be slightly different to this place, trust me I'm not going to neglect either and both will be slightly different. Maybe I'll end up with some sort of medication for split personalities, due to me writing two different views on things. This may be the sad part, that the happy, perhaps not. The direction for that one is going to become more apparent as time goes on, and also it's appearance will alter over the coming weeks and months, once I figure out how to work html.

Anyway what else has taken place since I last posted in here?? I've had an extra long supervision meeting at work, which went quite well if I'm rather honest. I do enjoy supervision, as it's a chance to be honest and frank with my line manager, and also be able confront any problems within the team that can't be dealt with by ourselves. It's something that I wish I had whilst working at the school, it would have made my life a lot easier for sure. However that wasn't to be the case and though I started this blog after I left the school environment, it's clear through some of my previous posts that I wasn't entirely happy there.

Back to my current employment and at last I'm going to sort out the over time they said I could have. I'm hoping for at least half of the hours that I've built up over the period of time, I did that way back and felt that was the fair way to do things. Saying that, I did have near enough 100 hours worth of over time at that point and so took 50 hours as toil, and 50 hours paid. It may not seem like a good deal, but when your on 21 hours a week, it's over 2 weeks wages and an extra 2 weeks holiday. I like that sort of deal.

In terms of work apart from the normal complaints over my group, all is well... I'm really happy over the case load and really enjoy all my clients, and it's going to a shame to lose one very soon, possibly even 2 or 3 of them. That depends on how things work out over the next few weeks or so. I need to chat to the rest of my team, and also parents. I've got some clients who really need to be in a group rather than a 1 to 1 environment, and thus that would leave me with spaces to fill in my case load. It's always a bit sad to see my clients leave for pastures new, be it moving out of the area, becoming too old or simply swapping service to someone else, but if that's the right move for them so be it.

Life at home is a bit easier, though I've still got to sort through 2 boxes of stuff. One I'm 100% sure of what it is, my collection of hockey cards. I'll have to go through them and see what's what. I'm being honest to say that I've got no really "special" cards, though any Oilers cards are important and I may just keep them, and then get rid of the rest. Like my United programs, I just don't want to get rid of them, but space at my place and the fact mum is getting rid of her house means I no longer have a viable storage space for my stuff, it's really scary, but it's the way that life is right now. It's 3 boxes rather than 2, the third one is full of video's which if I had a video player would be ok, but I don't. Well I do, but it's at mum's. Secondly the only storage space I had for them, was my shelves that I've got up at the moment, but right now they are full of cd's, books and dvd's. There is no space for near enough 100 video's. I've got to decide what I need and want to keep. Oh the joys of trying to decide what's worth keeping after building up everything over 35 years of ones life and to find it fits into one small room is very disheartening.

The one thing that I have left out is that I'm trying to decide if I can or want to apply for a new job within Barnardo's. It's a job that would mean moving away from Salford, moving away from Lancashire and into the horrible place that is Yorkshire. As nice as the views and sites are, similar to Manchester and Liverpool, in county terms Lancashire and Yorkshire traditionally don't get on. I'm seriously considering this at the moment, and will over the weekend throw an email together to someone to see what they think and to what they know of the role in question.

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