Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bold Predictions

I have a nasty habit of making predictions that come back to bite me and very quickly too. Yesterday was a prime example. I made a point in my last entry in here that I had only 2 boxes of stuff to go through before being completed. Well I was wrong!! I found a load of stuff in the back garage yesterday, stuff that I had no right to remember what it was or where it was. The fact that I found it is good, as I can now really say I'm sorted, however it's still a pain in the backside to see things that I'd long since forgot about or just didn't want to see there in front of me again. So today or possibly during the week I'll go and get rid of them.

Then to add to the fact, that I didn't expect Lisa to call me, and I hadn't really to be honest. She calls me just as I'd agreed to go and take and collect mum from bingo. So what? Well apart from not being able to drink, which would have been nice as I could have done with something to drink. Still it was for the better and it was nice to see Lisa and Wayne all be it in difficult circumstances for them. I do hope things get better today.

With that done and dusted I greet today with a spring in the step and a bright approach to life. I've promised Amelia that if she arrives at mum's and the weather is nice, we'll go out. I don't know where yet, for some reason right now, I'm thinking Lyme Park, maybe because I saw it in some of the stuff I got rid of yesterday, but it's some where different and some where to let her play as well as run around. Let's see how the day goes shall we first of all. I don't want to be out too long with her, but then I wouldn't mind not being at my mum's whilst her mum and dad are there. I'll have to balance things out.

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