Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Rush, Rush and more Rush

As stated earlier this year, my mum has decided to move house. I don't know how much of this was here idea, or my sister suggesting it, but since Hayley came home and mum's fall earlier this year they have obviously been in conversation about it. So it came about last week at Simon's 40th party, that they'd come around and discuss this with mum and I.

Well that didn't happen as this Sunday, Hayley, Simon and Amelia arrived to start clearing things up, tidying things up and in general trying to get rid of anything and everything that they could. This included everything that is mine in the house. OK, I know it's not being used, whilst at mum's but it doesn't mean I'll never want some of the stuff back. However that isn't in the question and I was told in no uncertain terms to start clearing.

With that in mind, I got the shredder out and for the past couple of days I've shredded lots of documents and letter that I've collated over my life which have been kept for whatever reason. It's been a bit of rush job, with no standing for sentimentality by my sister. In fact it's been one of if I'm not doing anything then I'm not doing my duty as such, as was the case last night. I'd spent a good part of the morning and early afternoon shredding and sorting things out yesterday before work. I then went to work, and got home around 6.45pm. Hayley and Simon was there, but within a minute or two of me getting home, Hayley was giving me the eyes and also you tell by her tone in her voice she wanted me to be doing something. So I did, but that wasn't good enough.

There are times when all this talk about my cousin, and the way he treated his mum sounds very similar. Still she isn't as bad as he is, but it's still fairly similar. Still that's the way it is. I'm sure she thinks she can get the house sold quite quickly bur I think she may be in for a suprise, unless of course she's got someone lined up to take the house! That wouldn't be a shock, but still I've got one or two rabbits in the hat on that front which may damage her plans.

Anyway, apart from all that at home, and my mother being oblivious to what is going on, I'm fine. Still as high as a kite after spending some real quality time with my niece over the past few days. She was very bored being left alone at my mum's whilst we all worked. So I made excuses to get out of shredding and sorting my stuff out, by taking her out. It may have cost me on Sunday, but I don't care she's worth it, and it's hard to resist her charms (I can actually, but I'd bribed her to come out on Sunday with the promise of some toys!). She's going to be a really nice person when she grows up, one I hope with a very open mind, as I'll try to expand her knowledge of the wide world.

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