Sunday, November 06, 2011

Aim, Target, Write...

Oh well, here we are in November, the clocks have gone back and it's getting dark by 5 O'Clock, winter is upon us.  So this is the first post this month and really I should try and get up to 500 posts by the end of the calendar year.  This year has already been one of the most productive in this blog.  Mainly due to the horrible spring that I had this year.  

So where do I find myself today or should that be tonight?  Well it's a funny place to be honest and one I've been in since probably Wednesday last week.  I think I want to talk to someone, communicate with someone about anything really.  I'm not feeling terribly lonely, but I just wish to engage with the outside world.  It isn't much to ask really is it?  Well perhaps it is, when I consider who I am, what I have done and how I've been, but hey what I've done and how I've been help define who I am, and that whilst I'd like to think was a good person, is open to debate by others.

I think one of my issues is that I've got nothing to do tonight, I've caught up with all the tv shows that I've been watching, I've not got any films that I want to watch, well that's not true, I have got films I want to watch, but the dvd's are with my niece, and well that's a tale for the next paragraph.

We were, well no I had spoke to her yesterday wondering if she wanted to go to see a local firework display as it was bonfire night, and she was up for it.  We've not done anything together since we went to see Harry Potter 7 part 2 or what ever.  So it would have been nice to go up, let her go on the fair if she had so wanted and watched the fireworks and come home.  She texted me in the afternoon,though to tell me her dad had decided to tell her then they were going to a neighbours house instead and she couldn't come.  Well I sort of expected that, but it was so late that it hurt.  So I stopped in instead and caught up on one or two things.  I know they (my sister and bro-in-law) don't like me, I know they don't like me talking to my niece, but they won't stop me as much as they try.  

That was then, I'm over it, but what to do tonight?  Well apart from write this I don't know.  I was hoping to watch something, but as I can't find where it is to watch then I'll have to wait till later in the week.  Not that I'm to bothered, but with Monday and Tuesday's being the busy days for watching tv, I'd be happier for one less show to watch.  Mind you I've added a show to Monday today, so I shouldn't moan too much when I'm still finding shows to watch.  I'll leave it here, I'm not sure what will happen, perhaps I'll find a film to watch, it's been a while since I watched Milk, or The Kids are Alright.  Maybe I'll go find a comedy to watch, I could do with something to chuckle at.  My goodness that's it, let's go find a chuckle brothers dvd to watch.  OK perhaps not.

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