Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's easy to be inquisitive

So it's Saturday lunch time, the sky can't be seen...  I think it's grey, but against the back ground I just can't see it.  Can we please change it at half time to blue and white???  

It's been a couple of days since I last wrote in here, and whilst it would be easy to say not a lot has happened, which in many ways it hasn't, things have changed a bit.  I was in London yesterday for a meeting, in the lovely new Unison building over the road from the previous headquarters.  I regret not taking a few photo's of the view from the conference room we were in, as we could see all the major landmarks in London, as clear as day the view was stunning.  Quite different to Manchester, and I dare say not as pretty.  I say that as though it had land mark building after iconic building etc, it's so built up with nothing to see around it.  In Manchester, you get the major buildings, but the hills in the background and all the lovely surrounding area's.  All we got yesterday was more and more buildings.  

The train ride home though was perhaps the funniest I've been on, and I say that not because it was nice to find what took place funny, but it was just the moment of it all.  I'm sure that most people have been in similar situations, at one point or another.  As the train we had reserved seats on had been cancelled, we got on the next train and the only seats available were some jump seats near one of the toilets.  That the train was so full the door ways either side of us became full as well says how full the train was.  So being surrounded by random people, was OK, no one was bothering each other till the next person along comes, quite merry and starts to chat and goodness knows what else to everyone.  That's when it got funny.  In the end we got back into Manchester, relieved that we'd got back, but entertained by the antics and whilst train journeys in cramped area's like that can last an age, this one didn't due no end to the comedy.  I hope the young person who was rather drunk by the time we got back into Manchester is having a good time with her sister, and that the inevitable sore head she'll have isn't so bad to ruin today.

However, on with the show and I've stolen her "most important word in the world" as my word of the day.  Inquisitive, I don't know where it came from in the conversations she was having with everyone, but that was the word that she loved.  It is a pretty word and a pretty odd word to think of as being the best in the world, but it's not one that I use a lot unless it's like today where I'm trying to use it as often as I can.  I guess I should perhaps do a write up of the meeting I was for official purposes, and of course during that write up the word will be included some how I feel, it's only fair.  

December is nearly upon us, and I guess it's time to consider Xmas, though I don't know why it's just going to be any other day as far as I'm concerned.  I may watch a movie or four, listen to some Xmas type music, but that's about it really, nothing else.  New Year is where it's at, it's the time to start afresh, to be positive that the next 12 months will be better than the last ones, that things you want to do, will be done and things that have gone on are now firmly in the past.  However, like the so called New Year Resolutions made by many a person, the above is soon forgotton and everything returns to how they were the previous year.  I'll try to stay positive, and try and get things moving again, but there may be more negatives before the positives appear I feel.  

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