Monday, November 07, 2011

Curiosity ...

As it's Monday, and gone beyond 18.30, it must be time for Radio 4, and the comedy half hour.  Tonight is the final episode of the current series of the Museum of Curiosity, which I've only found over the past 5 or 6 weeks.  I've got to say this is a very quaint series, which whilst being informative is also very funny.  I wish I'd found this series a few years back, as this is the forth season by all accounts.  

So why post? Well to be honest today has been rather positive as I've had a visit to the dentist and everything was very good.  In fact I was quite shocked as I thought I was just seeing the hygienist but no it was the dentist as well.  It wasn't that bad or scary either, and that is something.  I'm feeling rather positive right now, in fact I'm feeling rather chipper.  I wish I could write something really funny, but I can't right now nothing springs to mind. 

Just going back to the first paragraph, may I recommend anyone able to go listen to the said programme on iplayer, the Admirl on it is very funny considering he's one important person.  I dread to think how the Navy survived considering the tales he's been telling.  It could only be the British Navy.  

 When I'm in moods like this I often find it hard to write or at least to be natural, but perhaps practise makes perfect, so if this sounds forced I'm sorry.  I've done not a lot today, apart from the dentist, though I have sent off 3 job applications and 8 ticket applications for shows at the BBC.  I wonder how many I'll get a response from.  I'm betting it's going to be zero, but hey ho if I don't try, what hope of obtaining do I have?  I do hope I get something back from the BBC, as I've applied for quite a few things of late and heard nothing, It's not that I don't understand that spaces are limited, but just one bit of luck would be nice and of course the chance to get out and do something different for a change.  Such is life though, one thing I will have to do soon and perhaps I should do tomorrow I guess is try and find when I last had my bloods tested, and see if I need to get them done soon.  It's normally every 3 months, so I think I may be due something soon.  Which will also mean that I can get my weight checked properly, I was told today that I looked as if I'd lost weight again, though I'm not 100% sure I have, but we'll see.  If I have I'll be happy of course.  

Life goes on, and so I will close this post, I'll go and watch "Have I got A bit More News for You", and come back on line to see if I've upset a few people with a post in a forum.  I know I will have, or my post will have sparked some reaction, and it won't be a positive one to myself, but hey that's my view, I'm actually quite happy with my views on that topic.  Others may or may not like it, but I don't care, it's mine and I'm sticking by it and that's important. 

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