Friday, October 28, 2011

Double Helix

It's Friday the end of the week and the weather has picked up again.  It's a bright sunny day, with what looks like a healthy breeze shooting across the trees outside.  I've not been out to see how cold it is, but I have a fair idea judging on the past few days.

So I've got that bloody tune out of my head and I'm feeling better for it, but now to replace that, I've got the munchies, and there isn't anything in to munch on.  I could go out and buy something, but I don't want to and so I'm left in limbo almost.  Perhaps I may have to go out and purchase something, but what that would be I don't know and I'd be tempted to purchase more than just the one item.  We'll see how things go, I do have to pop out and buy some veg in the morning, and so I may just grab something then, and see if I can last till then.  However, eating less will do me good of course.

So the end of October approaches and November arrives and that sort of indicates it's winter, but more than ever of late, days are bluring together, names of days, dates, and names of months are becoming meaningless.  It's morning, afternoon and night, all over again, I try to rid myself of the boredom by doing other stuff, but that's only taking the boredom away for a short period, not competely.  This is why the other week I watched a tv series back to back all six seasons of it.  To take away the boredom factor.  No wait, this isn't right, this isn't boredom you know, well it is.  This is partly due to the previous paragraph.  I've so rigidily got into a routine of when I eat, when I don't, when I go and chat to freinds, and when I don't that with that routine breaking this week, I'm all at see.  This is perhaps how things would be if I didn't have a routine to keep me in check, this is what it would be like if I couldn't step back and obvserve the crazy thoughts and ideas that I spew out of my mind.  

Maybe I'm jealous of others, maybe I need something new, though of course we've been down that road so many times.  Yet right now I'm not on a downer, I'm not even near to that, though some might think it, however I'm actually on a level surface.  Content, and chipper, could be happier and would have been had a certain person not got back to me very late yesterday and could have organised something with me.  However we will sort something out at some point.  No it's a odd mood and not knowing  that I feel today.  I'm feeling a chill in the air, but I'm not cold, I'm wanting to eat something, but then don't, wanting to do something different, yet not.  It's almost a double helix, but where something are going down, whilst the others are going up.  I give up, I'm not going to explore further that may cause a problem, but I've spent a good few minutes writing in here and that's killed some time and changed the day and given me something to think about.  That's good, it has to be, well to keep the simple brain cells I own active to a degree.

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