Friday, October 21, 2011


Things have been rather quiet of late, I've reclused myself to watching a tv show from the 1990's from episode 1 through till the very end.  I hadn't seen that series all the way through ever before, and whilst I'd seen so many of the episodes in sporadic bursts and out of order.  However now I've seen the complete series, I see that really they had no sequencial order and very few story lines went through each seasons.  

What this has done has taken me away from the hustle of every day life.  I may not be up to much, but doing what I've done has helped me, as I was starting to find parts of the day a drag, and now I feel that I can attack days again and not to feel bored and down.  I'll see how long I last before I have to decide on another tv series I fancy reliving or starting afresh with.  

So how am I mentally?  I'm free flowing, happy and free of worry for now.  Events move on and whilst I wish I could do other things with myself and with my life and enjoy events, I'm well aware that I can't and will have to make do with other things and to try and enjoy them to the maximum.  I've got things to do over the weeks to come and that's going to keep me distracted as that is a good thing.

I'm about to embark on listening to a weeks worth of radio shows for the rest of the night, which is going to be fun as I said in a previous entry recently I'm really enjoying listening to the radio of late, and that means Radio 4, and 4 extra.  It's nice to pick up these shows post broadcast as I've spent so much time of late away from here, and more concerned about the watching the tv series.  Life's good and I'm contended, it's not often I can say that, but I am.  Somehting is around the corner for sure to knock that out of my life, but whilst I can, I'm going to enjoy myself. 

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