Saturday, October 08, 2011


Oh 17 days since I last wrote anything, and in those 17 days myself and my best friend have both turned 40.  Not that we had our best birthdays ever mind you, still always next year.  Perhaps we may have to turn back the clock and consider returning to celebrating ourselves, though that will mean me having money to spend.  

So it's a Saturday the sky is grey and though I've not been outside, I can see it's raining.  It looks like that misty rain that soaks you to the bone before you realise it.  The weather has certainly taken a turn for the worse here of late.  Last week we reached the dizzy heights of 29 degrees, record temperatures for October and late September.  Talk about being an Indian Summer wasn't in it, it was like summer all over again.  Now in a few short days, the temperature has dropped and it feels like it's winter already and that we've missed out the beautiful days of autumn.

As for me, I'm fine I guess. As previously stated, I can't say I had a great birthday, but I'm no lover of birthdays as I've said before in this blog.  They remind me of so many negative things, that I try to block them out, and perhaps that's why I enjoy the second birthday a bit more, but then nobody else recognises that, so it's a no win situation for myself.  I've started to attend a new social group and have been invited to another, which is good news.  It gives me another reason to go out once a month and possibly make new freinds which of course is a reoccuring theme here.  

I've started to fill the days with lots of tv shows of late, the new season of shows has been good, with many shows returning and plenty of good new ones.  One or two I've watched and given up on or have been axed which is unfortunate.  However, that's the way the monkey works and I'm used to it.  So at least I'm not drifting along not doing much.  Saying that I've watched everything today, I'm not really looking at going out to do anything today, no football to watch as it's an international break, so today could be a very long day.  I don't know what I'll end up doing, but I'll do something or other.  Life goes on and things sort themselves out for sure. 

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