Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hmm, the other day I wrote about odd dreams and how I'd driven a double decker bus and corrected my style of driving by recalling a previous dream.  Well the following night I again had a dream with transport as a running theme.  

Now I can't recall exactly why I was in America, nor could I tell you why in a previous dream on the same night I'd been packed off in a black cab heading to London from Winchester.  Anyway that's not that odd, compared to the second dream, where by I was being brought back to the UK, on the back of a floating banana thing, but a small speed boat.  Whilst this was taking place I was annoying (me do something like that? never!) the others on the inflateable by talking about shark attacks.  Within minutes though I was tied up on the back of a truck going through some country and finally onto a train going through China, and pulling up at some cartoon theme park.  

Why I've had dreams about all modes of transport of late I don't know it is odd that they followed each other.  However, dreams are dreams and I may well have been thinking about the previous dream, before sleeping the following night.  I don't know, I can't recall that.

As for me, I'm doing well I think.  I'm being very careful in terms of what I'm doing and why I'm doing things of late, trying to get myself straight and with some freedom to do the odd thing for myself rather than just living.  I think that's why I enjoy last Saturday when I ended up at Cavfest, it was a bonus to get out and to be enjoying myself.  Now the question is though, and it's only now that I can ask this.  Why when I went out on Saturday, didn't I have a second thought?  Why didn't I have a panic attack, like the other week?  You know I can ask myself that I can throw answers at it, perhaps start to chip away to get the answer, but as I do that I come up with crazy answers, which I either shouldn't come up with, or are totally stupid.  Even those that I shouldn't come up with are daft idea's that I can't even begin to explain why I even considered that to be a possible answer.  I'm going to have to leave that till another day, I'm starting to feel that knot in my stomach again, which isn't healthy.

So back to me, I'm being positive, I'm trying to plod along with life, trying to think of what's around the corner and what isn't.  I'm even coming to the conclusion that I'm getting old.  Over the past few days I've listened to more shows from Radio 4 than I've ever done in my life.  I don't know why, but it's been fun to listen to and interesting as well.  I know I've been listening to Just A Minute for nearly 20 years now, but that's been like 2 or 3 series a year with about 6 or 8 shows in each series.  I've been listening to 5 others shows since Monday, I always thought Radio 4 was for the oldies, and so I'm finally joining that group... Oh well, the group along will be pensioner, but that's going to be years and years and years away yet.

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