Monday, September 19, 2011

Odd Dreams

I didn't type anything yesterday for sure. and so this is going to be slightly odd I guess.  Now it isn't often one remembers a dream you have.  However I have a vivid recollection of the dream I had on Saturday/Sunday night, nothing in that as I said it occasionally happens.  However, this dream was odd, odd in the fact that in the middle of it I corrected something that was taking place in my dream.  

OK, this isn't odd, nor is it earth shattering, but it's the first time I've ever correct myself in a dream, because of something I've done in a previous totally unrelated dream.  That's the odd thing about it, unlike the previous dream I had, in this one I didn't steal the double decker bus I was driving, this time I volunteered to go back with it to it's depot, after it's "driver" had left it.  I can't recall why they'd left the vehicle, but they had.  Strange things happen in dreams, but this bus had an auto driver fitted and was following it's programmed route, but I decided to take this off and drive it myself, stupid of me I know but hey ho.  At which point I started to drive a bit too quickly for a vehicle that big, and after tunring down a road, found myself jumping onto the pavement.  It was here that I remembered my previous dream, and corrected myself by telling myself that I couldn't drive to fast with this thing.  

That I then had to take a diversion which ended in a dead end wasn't my fault that was the stupid dream, but I did correct the speed and found driving that bus so much more easier, the only thing missing was the music, as I couldn't find the on/off button for the radio.  I don't know why I dreamt this dream, nor do I know how or why I recalled the previous dream with me driving a similar vehicle, however it's a first for me and one I'm quite shocked about.  Shocked in a good way I think, it's given me much to ponder at a time when I've got little to think about. 

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