Friday, September 16, 2011

Special Moments

As I begin to write this blog, I know that I may start crying or getting emotional whilst typing away.  I've an idea where I'm going with this entry and that's why I know what's going to happen.

Some things are special, be it an item, be it a person, a song, a book etc, we've all got something special to ourselves.  Then ocassionally something special happens in a moment, that lots of people feel, that lots of people hold dear to themselves, all at the same time.  Yesterday was one of those moments where lots of people around the world smiled, and will hold for a long time to come.

I'm sure that you are all aware that I love sport, and sport can bring these special moments described above to lots of people and yesterday it did just that.  Lancashire won Cricket's County Championship, maybe not headline sports news around the world, but for those of us who follow country cricket and not just the Test Matches, played by nations from around the world, it was headline news.  It's been 77 years since Lancashire last won this title, we've finished runners up numerous times inbetween then and now, and even shared the title, in 1950, but never won it on our own since way back in 1934.  

So that moment when the winning runs were hit, some may have watched on tv, some like myself may have heard on the radio, or others might have been reading twitter, facebook or sports feeds from around the world, who were born and bred in the glourious and most important county of Lancashire would have had a smile, and had a feeling that of which few of us would have experienced before watching county cricket.  

No one though could have predicted the manor in which the title was won, Shakespeare, Bronte, Dickens, Christie and any other author would have to have to have written at least 10 attempts each to come close to capturing the drama, the nerves and and joy of the final day of the season yesterday.  Sport has that ability to create these moment, to make mockery of what is expected and what isn't.  Sport produces moments that can change peoples lives positively or negatively.  So soon after the horrible plane crash in Russia which wiped away a hockey team, which led to gloom and dooom into the sports side of my life, Lancashire have wiped the clouds away and the sun is shining, brighter than ever.  

The only negative throught that I had about yesterday, is that my dad wasn't alive to see this, he loved his cricket, and upon speaking to my Aunt in Canada last night she was reminising about her, my dad, and friends spending summer days at the cricket watching Lancashire at Old Trafford.  Not once did they see them win the championship.  She agree with my thought that if there is an after life, my dad and my grand dad for that matter would be raising a glass of something to toast the victory.  Me, I had a cup of tea, not exactly champagne, but it was just as sweet.  

Well Done Lancashire, praise for Warwickshire for the worthy fight for the title.  Cricket was the winner yesterday, the tension, the drama and the polar differences of joy and despair, shows that whilst the one day game is entertaining, the origianal game is still as strong, still as entertaining and can produce moments that yesterday....  

Lancashire Cricket Club, County Cricket Champions 2011......

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