Sunday, July 01, 2007

Green Day!

I normally post on the last day of June, I normally post something about the day my dad died. I left that to my other blog space yesterday. I didn't want to go over the same ground in two places at once. However yesterday was probably the quietest and best anniversary to date, and one which will set the example of more to come.

I think those of you who have read this journal over the past couple of years or so, will know how much my dad's death effected me, how much it effected the whole family. I think it's only now, that we are getting back onto our feet, and whilst our memories will remain, our futures look good. I'm all for looking back to learn from mistakes, I've done that enough here for you all to be aware of that, so it's good to realise that as a family we are doing that as well.

So what's ahead in the next week or so? Well not a lot, I'm not away from work, I'm not going to miss any clients due to sickness I hope, it's going to be a "normal" week if there is such a thing. I'm almost looking forward to that. It's not often that I can do that, and so it's good to be able to do it. I was hoping to get to the staff conference being held for work tomorrow, but I can't so I've got to make do with what I've got and not to sulk over it. I've been and have got other conferences to look forward too and that's far better than I ever had in my previous employment at the school. I hardly ever got training which meant more than an hour or so away from my normal duties. In fact the last training I did external from school was probably the MIDAS course I did, and that was on a Saturday morning and was funded by Barnardo's.

In terms of everything else? Well, it's dry outside for now, it's been a miserable week as such in terms of the weather with plenty of rain, so much so that various places in the UK are flooded. People seem to forget that the rivers and lakes of this country are at an all time low, so for flooding to occur, we'll have had plenty of rain, it's a matter now of maintaining some of it, to clean up and reuse. Having weeks where all it does is rain was nothing unusual as a child, but today it's strange, maybe my perception as a child was different, but even so, it's true that we don't get the rainfall we used too, it's true we don't get the long cold wet winters either. Bring back the snow and ice is all I can say...... OK, so I can ask, but no one can make it alter, unless of course we can repair the damage that man has caused on the planet.