Friday, July 20, 2007

Middle for diddle

If I'm honest the last couple of days, I've been quite dry in ideas as to where I can go with an entry in here. It's quite difficult when I've got nothing to say at times. Today is a prime example, I'm only writing this, as I know that if I don't write in here, it may end up like a week without and entry and then I start by saying sorry, which is always silly to be honest.

Though emotions have run high over the past couple of days, It's been difficult to equate that to words for an entry here. Now that's unusual for me to say that, as I tend to find words to fit most situations no matter what, but this week has been different. I wonder is that a positive thing or not? Am I in such a good place in my life that I am losing the creative aspect of me? Am I now at a point where I'm not happy and not depressed? That would sort of answer the lack of emotions for writing I guess.

So what else? Well it looks like there is going to even more rain over the next week or so, with talk of more floods over here. A while back I did say I enjoyed the rain, but this is now gettting silly. Still if it gets the waters level up all over the country then so be it, we've needed this rain for a few years now anyway. It may also keep the Southerners off our water up here in the North. They've at times had to use OUR water as there's was so low. So this excessive rain fall can go to them for all I care. It's a fine time to go camping though isn't it? Well I'm not going myself, but my sister, brother in law and niece are all off on a weeks camping trip. Here's wishing you at least 1 days sunshine.

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