Thursday, July 26, 2007

Virural Alphabet Soup

It's Thursday and hey I'm a little better than I was, though not well enough to go to work. It's not that I couldn't, I could, but I'm tired and grumpy and wouldn't be of use to anyone right now. I need to rest, need to clear myself of this infernal cold. It's on the wane, but that's not sufficient for me to go to work. I feel for everyone who is in work having to cover, but at some point this year I've covered for them, so it's about time they reciprocated this.

Wow this cold has heightened my vocabulary again and some of the above wouldn't have been used recently. So this has helped me, but in an odd way. Could it be a vocabulary cold bug I've got? Who knows which strain of this virus I have, but it's unleashed a broader vocabulary than of late. I'm not attempting to slight oneself and say I wouldn't use such words, but of late I've been lazy and thus my blogs have been full of ordinary words or even colloquial slang.

As an front to all of this, I've become a bit of an animal lover as well. OK, so it isn't much, but after my dad died, we filled in the pond in the back garden, which was his pride and joy. When we did so, we gave away the fish he had, and lost the wildlife that goes with garden ponds. However we did notice for a year or two the frogs returning to spawn, and that didn't look too nice to be honest. Now this Monday as I cut the lawn, I noticed that we had mini frogs where the pond was. Since then I've made sure that they are still around, it's the least I can do. I want to take the perfect picture of them, the one of them hopping, and either in mid air or landing would be great. For this my camera on my phone is perfect, but I will need my nieces assistance. As she's come home early from her holidays due to the poor weather, I'll get my chance soon. So frogs are a little favourite of mine right now. Hey even big frogs are nice, though I've not been tempted to kiss them yet, to see if I can find my price charming.

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