Friday, June 22, 2012


A lighter, more relaxed mood has befallen me of late, I'm calming down after the break down of a week or so.  I can't quite grasp the sheer depth to which I fell, but who cares now, I'm floating along on the calm waters of life.  I use that analogy today as the weather is dreadful, it's shocking, it's not stopped raining since around 6 or 7pm last night.  It has been cascading down, with 28 flood alerts in the North West region due to what we are told could be up to 4mm of rain over the next 2 days.  However, I managed to get to the shops and come home bone dry this afternoon, how I didn't it I don't know but I did.  

Whilst not reclusing as I did this time last week, I've kept myself to myself very much this week and it's been to my advantage I guess, just trundling along and keeping myself busy till now. I say now, as I'm frieghtfully bored today, and it's dragging on and on.  

My water heater has blown again, so I've got no hot water again, which isn't good.  It went last November/December if I recall and ended up with a new heater, but that has seemingly gone.  Though I think I've also got a leak in the pipes that flow into it, as my carpet was soaked the other day.  I'm not sure if that is connected, but it isn't making things easier for me.  I can and have been coping with like I did previously.  I've made my complaint, and will have to see how long it takes to get picked up.  

This is going to be short, as since starting to write I want to sleep, so perhaps more later.

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