Sunday, December 10, 2006

United in Pride

Some of you may think that I'm going to launch into some sort of push or entry into my sexuality or some sort of celebration into that, but those of you who do from the title will be wrong.

The title is simply a reference towards what happened yesterday. MANCHESTER UNITED 3 - Manchester city 1
, it wasn't the biggest win in recent times for either side, but the significance is huge. For this gives rights to the red side of Manchester bragging rights till the teams next play, it gives United fans the pride to walk around town, and into work tomorrow morning and feel safe from any city fan winding them up. For the city fans it's a matter of take the stick they'd give to us if they had won, and boy does that hurt when you are on the end of it. I guess that I'm very happy with the result. More than happy, as it was at the end of a tough period in the season for the team, and now they are having a couple of days rest, before preparations for next Sunday's game.

With the local derby being played this weekend, I was able to focus on that towards the end of the week. I should point out that this weekend has been work free and I'm so relaxed and chilled that Monday will be fine in terms of work, unless something major crops up, which it won't. So if anything, I'm probably at my best for some time right now, ready to envelope the world around me and waiting for a call or text from Lisa to say we'll meet up later today. I'm hoping for that, but I'm not going to let it effect me if she doesn't I know she's busy and that she's a million and one things to do this weekend. It would be nice to see her though.

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