Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bridge Building

Well today is my sisters birthday and over the period of this journal, I've probably stated on many occasions that my sister and I don't get along that well. It's true I'm telling you we don't, and it's meant that access to my niece has been restricted. That I'll never forgive my sister for, it's not as if I'm a danger to my niece far from it in fact, but hey if that's how my sister and her husband see it then all be it.

However over the past couple of months though, I've seen a thaw in my sisters attitude to myself. These have come at times when her husband has been away from home on business. It's got me thinking that all the animosity isn't generated by my sister, but in fact by my brother in law. I know what the problem is, but it's nothing that should have created a rift like it is right now. It's his problem and shouldn't be passed on.

So bridge building has began between myself and my sister and that I'm pleased about. It's a shame that we've let things slip between us. We have never been that close, but it's coming to a point in our lives that we have to realise that we are going to be the only ones left of our family soon and that is important to both of us and I guess it's the building block as to the bridge. Long may we continue till the bridge is finally completed if it indeed can be completed.

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