Sunday, December 17, 2006


An entry for entries sake you can call this, so no real direction or topic is springing to mind, though I guess this weekend has been one of abject relief and some pain to be honest.

I guess the pain is the most significant part, though it's not something that I could see happening, and in many ways it's not effected me, but late on Friday, my mum told me she's thinking of moving. Now that's understandable, she does live alone in a house that has 4 bedrooms, a sitting room, a living room and a rather large kitchen, let alone a big back garden. It's a bit too much for her now she's alone. So the sensible part of me says this is a good idea, but deep down, and I mean deep down I'm hurting over this.

This is the family home, it is the only family home I know, I was 6 months old when my mum and dad moved into this house, so this March it will be 35 years she's lived in that house. Added to the fact that next door but one, was where my dad was born and brought up, that drive holds everything that is close to my heart for my family. I can't simply imagine not calling that place home, EVER. If I had the money I'd buy that house off my mum tomorrow, and not bat an eye lid about it. At the end of the day it's for me HOME. I always imagined that my mum would spend the rest of her days there, with all the friends and neighbours that she's made over the past 35 years. From my earliest memories there are still 8 families that still live in that drive that I grew up with.

I'm trying to get my head around this, it isn't my sister talking here I know it isn't, but I just didn't see this coming. As I say it's a good idea for mum, but from the sentiment aspect I'm a little suprised.

Away from that this weekend has been a pleasant one, in terms of me just lolling around and not doing a lot. Work is now nearly completed for this calendar year and I'm certainly on wind down. I think tomorrow I may go in early and see if they want the soft play room cleaning. I know it's a long laborious job, but it's one to fill the hours in that I need to work this week.

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