Thursday, December 21, 2006

Here We Go!

Today is my last day in work for a while and I'm just about getting excited about it, though as today we've got 2 Christmas parties to run, I'd better not get too excited or I won't last the course. 2 parties in one day sounds a bit stupid, but as one is for young ones, roughly 2-7 years of age, and then the next one being 7-12 it's better done that way than all together. Last night the teenagers had there disco which went down really well.

Once these are over, I'm off and out of there for a while and it's going to be a time to relax and get myself sorted and recharged before going back to work. Life is so up and down that I need to have regular breaks and this is coming about a month perhaps over due. I have said in the past I need to have regular breaks, but that includes the odd weekend away or trip out, but since the problems with my car earlier this year, I've not been able to afford such a thing, so it's going to nice to have a break now.

Nothing is still planned for Christmas, though I'm sort of looking forward to seeing my niece, as she's starting to get excited about Christmas. Saying that, my sister has pointed out to us, that she's starting to question the whole Santa thing, and we think it's going to be the last one she'll still believe in the big guys role in Christmas. I think I was about 8 or 9 when I really knew who Santa really was. I think it was two Christmas Eve's in a row, when being disturbed by my parents entering the room with the presents and seeing who it was with the presents in the pillow cases as it was then. That sort of convinced me, so when I confronted them the second time they tried to pass it off, but as they then left the next set of presents down stairs, it was sure a sign of them trying to perpetuate the story. Oh and the fact that at a particular Christmas party we had one year, my Uncle played Santa, and it was so obvious who it was......

Still it's Christmas and Santa is so symbolic of the time of year, that not to perpetuate the story to those younger would be unfair. I don't know how many white lies that such a percentage of people maintain to children. It's the one big lie we all like to keep to ourselves till as late as possible.

Just to conclude my Santa bits and bobs. I have great reservations about the big guy though. For any of you who have read this over the time will know this argument, but for the new here, let me ask you this, if you have children. All year round we tell our kids not to talk to strangers, not to go near strangers, and yet for one month a year we openly encourage them to go and sit on this strangers knee and to talk to him as much as we honestly can. Sorry, but Santa has a bad side to him for me, and if I were ever to adopt, I'd have to seriously question my own theories in letting my child go see Santa in a store or grotto in a mall.

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