Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Greetings

For anyone out there, happy Christmas... This is year is probably one of those years where I don't feel too down to be honest. I'm not depressed, feeling a little lonely, but to hell with it, I'm me and if others don't want to know that then sack them, I'm who I am for a reason and they are not the reason.

So what's new in my life? Well not a lot, but life isn't that interesting at the moment. I go to work, I go see mum and then I come home. Nothing else to report. I wish there was someone in my life, someone special, but that's something for future considerations. I'd have to be out and about looking for that person and with my current lifestyle that isn't going to happen, but do I really want to change the way I live just to find someone? I'm after all just about coming into a period of calm in my life and I'm starting to enjoy things again. Why would I want to place myself into a situation of failure? That would be crazy..... Though no pain means no gain.

I guess the reflective mood is due to the time of the calendar year. It's coming rapidly up to the end of the year, a year of so many emotions and so many advances that I doubt I could translate them into a simple summary in 7 days time. I will use a hockey term here though. I'd probably say I'm Plus 5 or 6 for the year. Which is excellent considering I've had minus 28's and minus for many years in a row. Slowly but surely my life is getting better.

As it's Christmas day, what would be my ideal Christmas present this year? Well what would have been would have been a t-shirt from my sister/brother in law, with Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup winners 2006. Had that arrived, I'd have been so happy, but it wasn't to be, and the memories of May/June will be with me for a long time. I don't think I've been so wrapped up in a single sport since the 12 days of May in 1999. I really don't know what I've got, with the exception of Scrabble from my sister/bro-in-law, though that should have been mum's present. I know mum got me the printer, but I'm talking about presents under the tree at mum's. I'm sure that my niece will bring her Nintendo ds around with her this morning and then ask to put one of her dvd's on. Which one I'm not 100% on, though High School Musical is the favourite I guess.

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