Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Tank, The Greatest, Our Dunc.

This is the final day of mourning for the Busby Babes, today marks the final nail in the coffin of the team. 48 years ago today, Duncan Edwards the greatest of the babes, the greatest footballer of his generation and possibly the greatest of any generation died at the tender age of 21.

Duncan was regarded by many as the greatest footballer in the country and had made his debut for the national team at 18 years old. That was unheard of in the day and it took 40 years before anyone took that record off him. I never saw him play, but I don't have to, don't have to watch the footage to know how good he was. No one I've ever spoken too about Duncan, no one I've ever heard talk about him has found a weakness in his game. He was the perfect player, forget Pele, Duncan would have bettered him. Lost at the age of 21....... RIP Duncan, you may have died young, but your legend will never fade away.

Apart from that things haven't been going too bad of late, though of course it's early to say anything like that as I've not been to work today and that can cause no end of problems. I've booked some time off work now, next week and then a couple of weeks at the end of March. I'm looking forward to the break, if only to find some rest and recouparation. I've been feeling incredibly tired of late and that's most unlike me. Still it could be things catching up with me, I'll wait and see.

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