Friday, February 24, 2006

Holiday Times

Oh how I am glad, here we are Friday afternoon, near enough 15.30 and I'm about to start a holiday. Ok, I'm not going anywhere, but I'm just going to relax and enjoy myself. This week has been busy as we've been short handed at work, but at the end of the day, I've offered my help and done over time to help deal with the situation and now it's time for me to unwind and chill out.

Nothing major to report in terms of my life. Things are plodding along on cruise control right now. Though what is normal for myself isn't probably normal for many people I am still feeling ok. I could be angry, I could be very depressed, but I'm trying tkeep myself at peace, by doing things that I enjoy. No matter what others think, my life is mine to own and not others.

The chill pills must be working, so here I go, got to go to the shops for my mum before going around for tea. I'm not to bothered, but it is her birthday next week, and so I've got to do something next week at the very minimum. I'm thinking of a day out somewhere perhaps with a meal along the way.

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