Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Day of Celebration

Today's a good day, one of celebration for a couple of reason's though primarily it's my mum's birthday, which is the best thing. If it wasn't for my mum I'd not be here writing this, I may be writing a blog, but I wouldn't be me, and that is such a spooky thought. So spooky that it's worth taking 5 minutes or so, and thinking about it. If we are all some sort of spirit led creature, and we inhabit this body and then the next, but with no corrolation as to where and whom, if for example a your mum had met some other guy apart from your dad, or vise versa. How different would things be, where in the world would your spirit had turned up, would it be for the better or worse??

That's today blasted out of the tree now, as I start to contemplate this even further. Still though it's my mum's birthday, we went shopping yesterday and she picked up 3 cd compilation sets, which when bought together came to £10, not much, but I took them paid for them, and she's got her birthday present. It isn't what I wanted, again I was looking for the Sue Thomas biography, but couldn't find it. So it's in a way a stocking filler of a present, but she was playing them yesterday and was enjoying them so much, that I'm kind of pleased with myself.

Other things to celebrate today include the fact that it's Shrove Tuesday today or better known as Pancake Tuesday over here. Though pancakes are becoming more popular throughout the calendar year, it's been the English tradition to only really eat them on Shrove Tuesday, and as kids the following day would be spent comparing how many pancakes you actually ate. Why it became a competition I don't know, it does though and so tonight either after tea or for tea it's pancakes. By being typically English, we'll also get the Lemon juice and sugar out to sprinkle over the pancakes for taste. None of your Maple Syrup or Ice Cream for us over here.

Back onto football now, well almost. Sunday's trip to Cardiff wasn't the best of the 3 trips I've made to that City to watch football, but it was enjoyable and I've got to say that the more the merrier as far as I'm concerned. Yes, it's a nightmare to get out of the place, and yes the roadworks killed us somewhat, but it was a good trip made all the better by United winning the cup..... Which in a way makes today an even sweeter day! 30 years ago today, when I'd be all of 4 years old, Manchester City won this very same trophy, and since then haven't won a single major trophy. Another reason to celebrate today!! So as a mark of respect I'll have sky or laser blue as the text colour....

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