Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Post wiyh No Name

I need to write something for todays entry, but I'm not going to copy someone else by asking for idea's oh no, I've unintentionally copied that person before and had my my wrist slapped. Mind you had it been a physical slap, I might have enjoyed it a bit more........ Only joking! (or am I?)

There really isn't a lot to say, it's a nice Saturday morning, I'm sitting in waiting for a phone call from someone, to go and collect the minibus for tomorrow's trip down to Cardiff. Earlier this week, the possiblity of me not having a ticket was quite high, but I've got the chance of a ticket right now and I'm not going to pass it over. It's more to do with the fact that it's unlikely I'll get to another final, if I have to get rid of my season ticket for next year. Also, I'm aware that I'll have problems finding the game on tv in the pubs in Cardiff as the Welsh rugby team are playing in Ireland and that means the whole of Cardiff will be showing the rugby instead of the football.

What else is going on in life? Well it's been described in the last messgae as nothing much, but that's cool by me. I'm not going to go on about that again. I think today may be spent relaxing and chilling out. Though I have an idea I may get a phone call from someone to ask if I fancy a pizza for tea. If so I've got an 80 mile drive on my hands. Not that I mind, it's just got to be considered that I've got a long drive tomorrow, and that I'm not going to stay out too late, or as late as I wish.

I've started to listen to They Might Be Giants podcasts, and it covers just about all the scope of the bands music. To this day I don't know why I like the band so much, but they are the most productive and oddest band that I enjoy. I'm glad that I like them so much so for an introduction to the band, I'd recommend that you take a look over at there website, the link is above. Play the free clock radio, it's essentially a random choice of the whole of the bands material as well as live performances of the catalouge.

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