Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I guess this is odd, because I'm posting less than an hour after posting the previous post. Should I have posted this then? Good question, but I can answer that one and say no. Two reasons really, one I wasn't really of this line of thought when I posted said post, and also it serves a purpose I hope.

Over the past month I've posted a few posts, some daily and others weeks apart, but for the main it's been a good month for myself, except of course through out the whole of this month's posts has ran a thread on football. I'm sorry that this place became so obsessive with football this month. Yes, I enjoy the sport, love the sport, love Manchester United, but it isn't the only thing in my life, and yet reading the past month's posts that's what it seems like.

It also makes me think, that it's only when I'm down that I'm creatively active or should I say I'm at my creative when I'm down. I'm not, this whole post has come from reading a paragraph from someone else's blog, I hope she's ok with me about it. She probably won't recognise this though, as it's all my doing, the inspiration was from that paragraph. I know that I can create things when sane and happy, which is probably why it was once thought by my parents that I'd go into journalism, if so it would have been sports journalism, but there you go.

No on reflection this month has been a good one for me in terms of mental health. I've not had any sort of breakdown's though of course I had the little blimp at the start of the month with regards things being said at work. I've got over that and battled on. I've not really felt the desire to walk away from it all and curl up in the corner and cry. That is what would normally happen. Some of the things that I've let pass would have caused major problems in the past. I don't think I'm anyway as moody as I was, but then that's just me. I've got to accept some flak or slack where ever I am, but I should at least expect some respect for what I'm doing and at times I never used to get that, and to a point it's creeping in at work right now, but it's going to stop and stop soon.

That's a deviation from the subject though, this is a closure on the amount of football in my threads. It's only meant to play a small amount in here, this is a blog about me, and how I feel, not about how Manchester United are going on. So with this entry I take out the post about Duncan Edwards and that's that for another year I guess. Well at least to the intensity that I've shown recently. I'm sure I'll find more to write about the Babes next year, I always do find time for the Babes.

Anyway so here we are at the end of the month and on the threshold of a new one, crimes it's the quarter month already. Does it really seem to everyone that we are nearly a quarter of the way through 2006. It's incredible to think that it's so far into the year already and to be honest I don't know where it's gone. As a kid you think that a year is a long time, and in a way it is, but then when you grow older the pace of the year increases and just as you are getting over the previous year it's time to celebrate the end of the new one. Well it does for myself to be honest.

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