Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Well Is Dry

Traversing through life less and less online due in part to the poor ability of my PC, I find myself in some good places.  Not physically, I dare say, but mentally.  I'm not as desperate to seek out attention in one form or another, I'm not getting myself angry and frustrated at the opinions of others.  Yes, I would like to voice my opinions and my views more often, but if I hold my peace, then I find that I feel way happier as I'm not being drawn into a arguement.  I use the word arguement, as that's what of late had been happening, rather than constructive discussions.

So once more the sky is bright, the clouds sparce and a nice day seems to be taking place outside.  Though no doubt it will be colder than it looks.  I've been doing bits and pieces this week, trying to get things done to help myself as such. and others.  I am feeling less enthusiastic about the groups I'm in of late, but that I fear is due to the politics of the groups and how I feel I contribute to them.  Of course only I can change that, and I'll be looking into that over the next few weeks.

As I slow down in terms of creativity with this entry I am getting frustrated as I feel as if I've got lots to say, but I haven't, and I know that's normally a good thing for me and I know I've ploughed through some posts this year on good days, but for reason today it's not going.  Maybe I need to get out and about to get the idea's flowing?  I don't know, however I'm going to move on, not dwell on this today and find something to do.  Life's too short to beat yourself up about something or nothing. 

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