Saturday, September 08, 2012

A trip through dreams.

A good few years back I volunteered myself to drive a minibus up to the Lake's with a group of families from the place I volunteered at in as they were going to a residential retreat for a week.  I spent the first 3 days with them, I have to say that waking up there, early in the morning (around 6am) was not always ideal with little to do till breakfast was being served, but sitting on the bench outside watching the sun rise over the lake opposite and just listening to life around me was beautiful.  I mention this as this morning, this early September morning with out really noticing till now is as close to those mornings as I can recall.  OK, let's be clear I'm not near a lake and I'm not sat outside, however the birds are singing the room is around that ambient temperature and the sun is threatening to break through.  I was taken back to those days on the lake when trying to think of what I was thinking about before I started to write.

It was I think those few days that added to the thought that one day I would like to live in almost solitude, by that I mean in a more rural setting, where the noise of traffic is rare, where the pace of life is far less quick and the natural beauty of the land hasn't been destroyed by man.  It's unlikeyly to happen I know, but like my dream to canoe down the Amazon, it's something I can hope could take place.  One has to have dreams to keep me going.  Though those dreams seem unobtainable, they are there and have been there for such a long time now.  

The funny thing is of course, the idealic nature of owning a home in a small village or a house in the middle of no where, with no one around would lead to loneliness and that leads me to depression.  The same for the idea of paddling down the Amazon, why would I force the solitude upon myself?  Why am I dreaming of such things?  When on countless occasions I write about hating being alone?  I really don't know and don't care these are dreams and nothing close to being a realality so I can keep them, I can keep playing the Euro lottery when it gets close to £80m+ and keep hoping that one day the luck will come my way.  As till that day, I won't have the funds to really get near to my dreams.  

So what else?  It's been another quiet week, I've gone about my business quietly and positively, though I have to say that when I got my suitcase out where I'd stored all my mobiles, that one of them, the one of the juggling clowns had got very tangled.  I had tried not to get it tangled when I wrapped it up after taking it down, but with so much more string on it than normal due to the various balls being juggled as well as the clowns it's probably something I should have considered more and checked.  I've not thrown it away I won't do that, I may take another shot at it one day, but we'll wait and see for now.  I'll have to add to my collection at some point again, possible next year now, though the idea of a mobile a year isn't thrilling, it makes the anticipation of purchase all the much better.  As I write this and start to envisage where and when I'll buy my next mobile, I'm getting pictures of the Monkeys, that I've seen on sale at the Bridgewater Hall.  I suspect though that they'll have been bought by the ttime I get to this, but that's my first thought.  Though in my heart I would love to find them stocking the "moomins" mobile, but we'll have to wait and see.

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