Monday, September 03, 2012

!0 minutes to write this post

Welcome to September, my favourite and possibly the best month of the year, so White Rabbit and all that jazz.

I sit here listening to Just A Minute, and waiting to shoot out to the library to hand back a book I took out a couple of weeks ago, which was fairly interesting.  However, from the library I'll be shooting to the shop to see if I can pick up some bread, hopefully a french stick or something similar for a rather cheaper price than it should have been.  That would help make my decision on what to have for tea, this would be a random meat sandwich.  

Things have been rather quiet of late, I've been in a jovial mood, with little need to write in here, but I've been keen to take step backs to observe my moods, and whilst on a couple of occasions I've been a little shocked by things that I've thought of, but on the whole things have passed as quickly as they came.  The last week of August saw me participating in Manchester Pride.  I joined the parade with the youth group on the float that we had been building, and when it came together the float looked wonderful, no it was outstanding and how that float didn't win the best in the parade I don't know?  It was robbery, it really was, however it is the taking part that counts in this event and not the winning, not that it matters in this case.  I helped out on the stall, as well as watching some excellent musical acts on the main stage, with excellent company.  

Since then it's been rather non-plus in terms of activities, though now I've got my extractor fan in, and within the next few days I'm going to have my mobiles put back up, which I should point out that I've had the mobile that broke on me repaired.  I took it to the craft market in Eccles on Saturday and asked someone whom I used to work with if she could repair it, and she could.  It didn't cost me either, which I'm grateful for.  I'm just so glad that it's been repaired and that I have still got the original mobile that started the collection back to enjoy.  

Saturday is the last night of the proms, which I'm looking forward to greatly, it's one of my favourite nights in terms of music of the year, and this year it's going to be so good, after the country has become more patriotic than I can recall, or at least since perhaps 1977. 

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