Sunday, July 31, 2011

Time will Tell

The last day of the month, it's middle of the day and at last the clouds are breaking up and some blue sky can be seen. I guess it's a bit like my mood today, not that it's been dark and moody today, I'm just going on in general. The past few days have been quite difficult for me, and whilst I'm getting back into the swing of things the clouds are breaking and I can see the blue sky.

So where am I from Thursday, well I don't know and I'm still as grumpy over things and still as sure that I want to be all about me right now. I'm not as miserable as I was, but I've still got to be attentive of myself. Life is OK, I went walking yesterday and this morning and that's helped. Yesterday, I ended up walking a good 12 or so miles, during the middle of the day and ended up walking through more paths through Worsley woods and through more over grown path ways with nettles and thorny bushes. If I didn't find them, it was horse poop instead. Apart from that I did enjoy the walk, it was good to walk that far, and today I went back to the simple 4 mile route that I'm very comfortable with. I did that this morning before breakfast, and whilst perhaps I suffered due to the previous day's walk it did the job of ridding the rust off the legs.

I've just sat through a very pleasant hour and half of a radio show last night, and though i disagree with the final outcome of the public vote this week on the show, as I did last week, it was enjoyable listening and now one of the missing links has been filled in on the 5 Live virtual jukebox. We now need to fill in another very soon.

I can tell my mood is swinging again, I'm not writing this in any sort of flow and I fear that I may be repeating myself, not in terms of previous entries as I am sure I am, but I mean in this post. Still who cares, I'm writing as I want to and as I feel I needed to if only to see where I am. I think one of my other actions is helping. Not posting on Facebook and only making the odd comment is wonderful, though I don't get a lot of messages or comments, at least I'm not being tempted to say anything or do anything which might upset anyone. That's soothing for me and I guess it's also good as it means I can ignore others, as I'm not posting. I just wonder how long before people realise that I'm not speaking.

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