Saturday, July 16, 2011

It was worth it!

I'm not going to be here long writing this as I'm cooking my tea, I've got some rice on and a pie in the oven, so all goes well. Well I hope so anyway, I've not had this pie before as I bought from the Farmer's Market in Eccles today. So it should be good, but who knows??

This is a difficult blog to write, well it isn't really, I just had to use something to start this paragraph, as I hate using the same word to open consecutive paragraphs or at all in this blog. No I'm in a funny place today, I'm not depressed, but I'm not hyper either, nor am I running an even keel. I think I know the reason why though. I went to see Jayne on Thursday, a surprise visit and if you see the conversation on Facebook between us, you'll see Jayne was more than surprised to see me at her front door that afternoon. I know it was more planned than I'd like it to be, as I've no car to just jump in and visit the trains had to be planned etc.

That trip I think saw me expand a lot more energy than I thought I had and whilst I was pleased to see Jayne happy and full of her usual joyful self, I think I put more into it than I had anticipated. Today I'm wanting to do something, I know I can't I've got to be careful with my money, I want to be out with friends or talking to them, but it isn't going to happen. I think with my pc not functioning as well as it could be I'm getting even more frustrated as I can't want video's as they don't run fluidly. Oh the joys of life.

What I did I did for a friend and I'd do it again tomorrow if I have to, and put as much into it, but I do have to be careful with myself every now and again, having just come off the AD's well 2 or 3 weeks ago, I'm not yet over the period I set myself to feel I'm not needing them again. I've got to consider myself and though I didn't this week, it was worth it for Jayne.

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