Monday, July 18, 2011

going to sleep

Some days are longer than others, some times one's level of attention are shorter than others, and when these two meet all hell breaks loose. With the way my PC has been behaving of late, I'm a little fearful to try and do something different other than leave it to what it's already doing. I say that as my security scan failed yesterday, well I say failed, the programme crashed at some point, so I'm going through a repeat today. I'm not wanting to run a couple of programmes in case that conflicts with the scan. So I'm a little bored and the weather is bloody awful, making today one long day.

I guess the good news is that earlier today i went for an eye test, and passed with flying colours. I know my eyes have been a little sore of late, and that's why I thought I'd best go get my eyes checked out, but to come away with a clean bill of health was something to be happy about. I didn't think I'd need glasses, but you never know and as it had been around 10 years or more since my previous test it was good to go get them done.

Now last week I was complaining over my knee's and how sore and swollen they were. Well after some rest last week the swelling went down and to a point the pain susbsided to the point I couldn't feel it. However, if I'm being honest there is still some residual pain in the knee, and though the weakness has vanished from it, I'm still not quite feeling 100% about it. So when I go to the doctors next I'm going to see if they can possibly have a look at it for me. I'm falling asleep writing this and it's only just turned 1pm, and I wouldn't mind, but I slept last night very well, so I don't know why I'm feeling so tired and it's just come over me, how strangl

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