Tuesday, July 12, 2011

From Billy no mates to Miss Socialble.

Crumbs, I've lost an hour I think today!! I've been looking at my clocks thinking it was coming up to 2pm, when infact it's coming up to 1pm. That isn't a good sign really, but still nothing has been lost by it all. I've just got to be more aware of time for the rest of the day.

Events over the past few days have been interesting, I've been rather social, which is always good, but it's been positive, whilst also cementing some deep rooted opinions. I was at a beer festival on Friday night, which was incredibly fun. OK, the consumption of vast quantities of alcohol isn't clever, it isn't good for you and isn't something I would recommend. However, occasionally it's good, well it's fun when in good company. That was something that I found on Friday night after a while anyway. The fact that this years "random" ( I use that term to describe the person who came to speak to me) was infinately nicer than the one that approached me the last time I frequented the same beer festival.

Saturday I was out and about in Manchester, it should have been a session of the group I go to once a month, however that fell on a wider celebratory day within Manchester, and so events were more than normal, and a bit more diverse. This included seeing and chatting to someone whom I've watched on TV occasionally over the years. She was very nice to talk to, and not the snooty type of celebraty. I wouldn't have gone to the wider celebration event had it not been for the workshops, and I didn't really do much else, though I did walk into the main event area and spoke to a few people that I know.

Sunday was spent back in Manchester at a workshop, which stuck the ugly chord in me. I guess I saw things take place that made me realise why I left groups and things like this alone for such a long time. I was hoping that things had changed, but I'm going to guess that it will never change, only the people involved. However, now I think I'm better equipted personally to be able to deal with it, and not to let it get me to down. It's pointless trying to change things, I know what type of person I am, and I know what type of person I am in some of the situations that generates some the things that I don't like. Age has matured me, and but it hasn't quelled the hope that I could change things for the better.

Finally, last night was a swim session. We had a big turn out which was fun and though it was fun, that fun was tempered by my own health issues. On Sunday my knee gave way on me, and was causing me no end of agony. I awoke yesterday morning to find my knee twice the size of my other one. This is the knee that 15 years ago I had surgery on to repair a torn cruciate and to remove most of the cartlidge in. Now I know I can't kneel for long periods or squat down for long since then, but I'd done nothing like that on Sunday to aggrivate the knee. However I thought swimming would be fine as it's low impact and non weight bearing. I was wrong and if anything I probably pushed myself too much. I'm not in a great deal of pain, but I can certainly feel pain in the said knee, whilst sitting down. If it doesn't ease up, I'm going to go back to my doctor over it.

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