Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fuzzy wuzzy sort of mood.

The silence of the day is broken by the odd hammering sound of workmen some where behind my flat, the distant cries of children shouting in the playground at the school, a few hundred yards away. That's how peaceful today is, and yet the serenity isn't quite with myself.

I am worried, both my knees now are sore, whilst one is possibly due to having to compensate for the other, it isn't easy to motivate myself to do anything like move much. With that in mind I'm possibly whizzing to much around my head to be calm, and relaxed as I should be. I'm not in an awful mode, I'm not falling into depression far from it, I'm just a little fuzzy that's all. What could I do to change that? Well I don't know if I knew I wouldn't be typing this blog out would I?? However, it could be just musing over it helps today.

Life goes on, and we have to deal with what it throws at us, today it's this feeling, yesterday it was a lot calmer, till seeing information about the ECHR, and how they have U-turned on the equalities laws of the UK. I'm really angry at them for this, as they will if they continue down this path lead to certain groups trying to rid the country of any equalities laws, and take us back into the dark ages. I have written to them, I know others have written to them, expressing our anger and frustration at this decision by them. I just hope they listen to the reasoned arguements and again evaluate the decision they have made. I'm all for freedom to live your life in any way you wish. To believe in what you will, but the the religous groups that are challenging this are part of a church that for hundreds of years, made up rules to suit itself, to cling onto a power that has long since vanished. The powers that be in that church still think the world should follow it's religion and its religion alone, and yet they won't punish those that do wrong in the eyes of the law, and it's church as they wish to be seen to whiter than white.

Rant over, and I can breathe, I want to do something random, but am afraid to do so. I don't wish to jepordise something special to me, but in trying to test the waters to see if I can, would essentially demolish the idea of the random act completely. I should trust myself, I should believe myself, but on this occasion I'm not so sure. However, I've got time to think and dwell on it. If I do this it will be tomorrow and whilst it's a little crazy it's all in a good cause.

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