Friday, June 10, 2011

Unfashionable old.

Oh it's been a while, so perhaps that's a sign that things are good, which they are. Well I say good, they are better than they were back in March/April, though that couldn't be difficult considering the state I was in. I think it's safe to say that I'm back on a level playing field right now, I've come down from the high that I had after that walk at the end of April or whenever it was, and I'm sailing the good ship life on calm waters.

So why post? Well I think part of me has been wanting to do so, in an attempt to keep some sort of record as to where I am within myself. I know that I struggle to write here if I'm OK, and even if I've been a bit lazy of late as I've wanted to put something down for a few days I've just not done so. Today is really no different, just that I decided to do it rather than put it off till tomorrow.

Woooooo, oh the joys of being as old as I am.. Well OK it's no joy when I wish I was a hell of a lot younger, but over the past few weeks I've gone back in time to watch old TV shows and listen to some really old music, and by really old I mean the 1970's. Which is within my lifetime I know, but some of the music hasn't aged well, but I don't care, if I liked it then, there is a chance I'll like it now. I'm not ashamed to say that I've had a bit of a Carpenters revival, which is something I hadn't expected, but a real good show was on the BBC the other week, documenting the history of the group and I just had to sit down and listen again. However the start of this paragraph comes from the opening line fom the Karel Fialka song Hey Matthew, which charted in the late 1980's. It's just appeared as if by magic on my music player, and I had to put it into the blog. As for the tv shows, I've sat down and watched the complete series of Beauty and the Beast from the late 80's and apart from the obvious fashions, music etc it's some how managed to retain it's magic.

Now what else is happening? Well tomorrow I'm busy, with group in the afternoon after a medical appointment in the morning. I think I've mentioned this in the last post, but it's going to be an early start and although I wanted to use bus and trains, it seems that I can't as I can't buy a train/bus/tram ticket until after 9.30am, which is when I need to be in Bolton for my 10am appointment. I think it's slightly daft that I can't do that, but I'm guessing that it's down to the peak travel time thing that both the trains and tram operate. The buses use to do that as well, but I think they've stopped that now. So I'll see what happens, but at least I've remembered to check out my plans for the journey tomorrow, as I'd almost decided to take the train from Bolton after the appointment, however that needs to be revisited. Nothing else to report, no more news on the job front, I've heard nothing from no one, but I'm not going to let it get to me right now.

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