Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Painting Pictures

Today is a blank bit of paper to which I'm trying to create a masterpiece, but as ever when one's mood is more positive than negative the thoughts of where to take this stifle. However, lets get on with this and lets see where I go.

So, last night I watched the United youth team win the FA Youth cup for the 10th time, which is a record. I guess that as I've got older and since I stopped going to games I've gone back to supporting the club rather than the team. It's all well and good us winning the league year in year out as it has been for the past 20 years now, but it's the health of the club that is important and that's in good health.

Now I had intended to go to Old Trafford last night, but due to City having a parade for there FA cup win, I got delayed in Leigh. The bus was over an hour late with the excuse being Manchester was so busy, yet from what I've heard and seen, it wasn't to bad, but no the transport system grinds to a halt... Heaven knows what next Monday will be like as United will be doing the same, and I guess that we'll see a few more than the 50,000 that City have claimed.

I've also written to my best friend today, I can't recall off the top of my head when I'd last done that, I think it was either the very start of last week or at the end of the previous week. However that's way to long and I feel guilty for not writing. I should do, but I allowed myself to be distracted by one thing or another. So I wrote today and you know what I feel better for doing so. So what if it was short, it was concise, and that is good enough. Now I wait for a reply, I hope she's OK as she's due to do a parachute jump this weekend, but what with the ash cloud heading our way I think she may be worried.

I have also finished the book I was reading, which I've really enjoyed reading, even if it was a bit of a struggle to get through. This was basically a book about a families history, which has followed the history of England since around 1000, which is an incredible amount of time. I have mentioned before how I like history, but whilst this book was well written and enjoyable, I did find it tough to get through, so it's made me happier than I think I would be to have finished it. So I'm going to give myself a break of a week or two before deciding what book to pick up and read next. I need some time to recharge the mind.

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