Tuesday, May 03, 2011


The fine weather is continuing in the North West of England by the looks of this morning. It's been an excellent couple of weeks, probably the best we'll get this year, but it's coincided with my good mood, so I'm going to remain positive that today is going to be another good day.

I've already been out for a walk, which wasn't planned nothing should be planned for 5am, but hey it was a wonderful walk in the fresh air and the early morning glow that surrounds us. The smells, the sounds all seem to be different early in the morning, maybe it's because the rest of the world hasn't woken up, the cars haven't poisoned the air, the birds can be heard and it just feels like it's all how it should be. I do love the world at that time in the morning.

So I'm back home, after a weekend away, and it was a nice break from the norm, even if it was in Liverpool. I know I seem to comment on that place a bit if I do go there, but hey ho, I have friends over there and I enjoy the company. Last Thursday saw me return to Wrexham for the first time in years, and the place never changes, seriously the shops may alter, but the way the place looks and feels doesn't. It felt almost the same as it did back in 1994 to 96, but this time whilst I may have been recovering from a depression, the reasons behind that were different, the way I looked at Wrexham this time was different and whist back then I was just existing, now I could enjoy my time there, if I were to return.

However, that's all hyperthetical and isn't likely to happen. So why look back at a time which was both good and bad for all the same reasons? Why look at a dark point in my life, when I'm trying to recover from another? I know what went wrong in Wrexham the first time, I know why I it didn't work out and things have been dealt with. Taking a trip back now is different and the situation is different, that the issues then have little or no concern. It's time to look forward, time to enjoy the present and effect my future rather than dwelling on the past.

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