Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reflection Time

It's quiet, oh so quiet the birds aren't singing, a breeze is up, but not enough to blow the trees to make a noise. I've been out and about and I'm looking forward to tonight, but now I need a little pick me up. It's not that I'm down as such, far from it. I've been vindicated again in my knowledge and I'm happy with that and I've just remembered something else as well.

No, I've just sat through a movie which whilst not being a true "weepy", was hard watching, but was very beautiful in it's own way. I only watched it because I'd seen Lauren Ambrose was in it, and I adore her. However, apart from her Lisa Kudrow and Natalie Portman was in the film and it was Natalie Portman that stole the show, mind you she was the star of the film. It was just so wonderful, that I'm feeling a little sad, empathic towards the character. So if anyone ever gets chance to sit through "The Other Woman" do so, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Apart from that nothing is wrong, everything is fine. I guess I should pop my music on, or I could sit down and watch a few other things before watching Dr Who later on, and of course eating. Then the night is mine to wander the internet, watch some dvds or something. Life may not be peachy, it may not be rosey, but it will do and with that I'm happy. This bit of peace that I have enjoyed after the film is discipating, the trees can be heard the odd bird is calling and I'm about to watch something or pop my music back on. Reflection time over and now back with a smile and forward we go.

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