Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Outlandish Realities....

As I've just posted a comment on a forum about a television show that I've watched from last night, I started to think. Now me and thinking we know can go to strange places, and yet again I did. I finished the post and set about doing something else, whilst contemplating the thought I'd had.

The thought itself is simple enough, but if you combine some of the sci-fi tv shows that we in the UK have, and I'm sure that in the US and every other country around there is a chance of having there own sci-fi shows that don't get watched outisde of the host nation much what have the UK got that the US and the world hasn't? Well for one we have a time lord that, saves the country, world and everything else, 9 times out of 10 in the UK. Strange that he rarely goes any where else or that ailens invading this world always seem to attack the UK. In this same universe the UK has it's own secret ailen combat team, that again saves the world and everything in it. However they seem to save it out of Cardiff, and sometimes London. Though it does seem that we've now let the rest of the world know about it, though it is strictly British and no other country has a similar unit.

The UK again has found things called anomilies, that allows people, technology and creatures from other time zones to walk around the world posing as threats. However, as with previously we find that these are restricted to England and 90% of the time around London and the South East of England. Why these anomilies haven't popped up around the world, why we the UK hasn't told anywone about them, that we've got a top secret team of scientists and military agents working out what they mean, and capturing dinosaurs, insects and future predators that would kill everything on the planet right now I don't know. How a Sabre Tooth tiger at a theme park, or a well known tv animal expert being ate by a dino hasn't become world wide knowledge I don't know.

The power of the government to keep these things in this outlandish reality is beyond what we the public see. I for one don't think that any government could become as powerful as to keep the above secret. Only in TV land I guess. Now that I've go beyond my normal level of WTF am I going on about and why? I might as well settle back and get today over with. Not a lot to go on, but I've got enough to do to keep me busy.

Yesterday I really did enjoy chilling out, listening to music, trying to get something to work, which didn't, but that didn't bother me. I just sat back and and went back to my music. At the end of the day I decided to put a DVD on, of a concert to jack up the sound and party, a rock or indie concert, the rock won and whilst I'm sure one or two of my neighbours were not impressed I don't care. I enjoyed myself, and that's what matters, too many times I've not.

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