Thursday, June 16, 2011


Another day, another time to write! I was going to dollar, but I thought better of it. The sun is out, I've just put some music on and I'm feeling quite cheerful. I know my eyes are a little sore, but that's the dry skin on the eye lids, but apart from that all is well. I'm going to finish this post and then phone the doctors to see if the results of the tests I had last Saturday are in and if they can give them to me or if I have to make an appointment to go and see the doctor over them. Whilst I type my arm is actually starting to ache, which is unusual, but hey ho, I can cope with that.

Yesterday I went off the beaten track with my post, well just to compound that, I came up with something later that was equally as odd, and I over heard something as well, which sits in the stupid category. Whilst talking to my friend Pete, he owns the ice cream van that comes around the area, I over heard a young lad quite happily tell him whilst ordering some bubble gum ice cream with is bright blue, that earlier in the morning he'd had a blue poo. I've never heard anything of the sort in my life, blue poo?? Then for some unknown reason as I carried on talking to Pete, I decided that perhaps I should suggest he try making a new flavour of ice cream. I'm glad I stopped myself, as the thought of Salt and Vinegar ice cream isn't worth thinking about is it. I'm just going to have to come up with something different.

So today I've been quite sensible, no crazy thoughts, no reason to wonder about realities. It's been me looking for work and trying to find out new bits of information. I should say I watched a nice tv show on BBC iPlayer last night from BBC Wales. That's the third new show that I've found from BBC Wales over the past couple of weeks. They are churning out some quality, though I would say the same occasionally for Scotland and NI. Still apart from that not a lot has taken place today. I guess I should follow up the show that I watched last night, which talked about Henry Tudor, and the house he lived in Anglesey. It seems strange that the house of Lancaster, should essentially be born out of North Wales and not Lancashire, but hey who cares, it's a matter of history and lets be honest the Lancastrians that won the War of the Roses, were not all from the said county, they were from around the country and supported one claiment to the English throne, who if truth be known had little or no claim what so ever, however he did claim it and the rest is history. It's his rise through the ranks that perhaps I should do some more research into, but it can perhaps wait a bit longer, as I'm sure that I can find something else to do before I get to that bit of work.

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