Monday, April 23, 2007


Well, yesterday I spent at home all day, with the exception of about 20 minutes, when I went to the shops to pick something up for my lunch/main meal of the day. With that done I promptly sat at home and did nothing, but either play on my computer, or write things out for work etc. It may not sound like the most exciting of days, but it was quite relaxing and enjoyable to be honest. (spooky fact here, just as I typed "sound" in the last sentence, the song "Sound" by James started on my media player!!) I feel quite refreshed and up for the challenges of the forthcoming week. Why I don't know, but I know that it's going to be a special week for sure and one I'm really excited about.

Today I have a meeting at work to attend, one which I'm sure I'll have to use some of the training techniques that I learned last week. Maybe others will be looking at me to stand up and fight our causes at this meeting, but unless it's needed, this will be notes and references and then I'll compile a response, if we don't get given our chance today. A measured response is better than a reactionary response, which would include any emotions that are running during the meeting. Oh listen to me the master of keeping her mouth shut in these circumstances!!

Perhaps this should be at the top rather than here, but whilst I'm writing this I should be aware that over the next few days, I'm hoping to get my "myspace" site working better, though this place is the primary blog spot, that place may just be to keep people interested in things. I've linked this place to that, and will do vice versa when it's up and running. So maybe, just maybe a few more readers here and there will pop across. With that in mind I may keep welcoming others for the next few posts, though how many that would be I don't know........

Anyway, enough of that I'm going to be in work soon to sort out the weekend group situation. Nothing took place to worry me over the main job, though one or two small things took place that is worrying, that needs addressing. Apart from that nothing major. I do however want to start getting my camera back out of it's case and get more photo's for the photo blog that I have running. I've really not kept that up of late, mainly due to the lack of photo's that I've taken of anything and everything. It's time to change that me thinks. That's just reminded me, that it's now near enough a full calendar month since I last saw my niece. It's awful to say that it's been that long, but she's been on holiday for a couple of weeks and has now been back a full week, and I'll probably not see her till possibly next Sunday. It's incredible really to think of it in that sort of time, but it is. When I do see her, she'll probably be taller and smarter than she was before!!!

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