Tuesday, April 24, 2007


So the meeting came and went yesterday and though I said I wouldn't be the one speaking much, it did seem like I had a lot to say. It isn't that I don't like doing that (well I don't to be honest, but I felt more confident yesterday!), it was more the case as I said in yesterday's entry that I didn't want to be reactionary and I don't think I was which suprised me.

That's enough of that, as it's not fair to bring office politics into this place, plus it would be unprofessional to really discuss it with names and events. I did enjoy the meeting however, once it got going more than I expected. Then once I'd completed my work scheduled yesterday I got home to be able to spend a good 10 minutes in the company of my niece. She'd been at my mum's for tea, and so I got to see her for a short period of time. I know I wound her up, but it was only playing and the one thing that I did notice was how much sharper she's becoming in firing back insults and answering back. It's really enjoyable bantering with her, it's as if she's older than her 10 years of age.

I know that I said I was looking forward to this week, and so far so good. I'm either running on adrenalin or I'm genuinely happy. Hell I've not said that for months or years in fact. I think it's in need of a note. That no matter what's taken place of late I'm actually feeling positive about things. I may not be able to say I "love" myself as I once did, but I can say that I'm happy, and that's a major achievement for myself. Wow, I've just raised my own thing that bit higher...... I'll be jumping and bouncing around soon feeling quite ecstatic by the end of the week at this rate, but hey that's cool. I enjoy being in that state, it may scare people, but it's a good thing for me, long may this mood continue.

Still no news on the competition front, but hey no one else has heard either, so it's still early days yet.

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