Thursday, April 05, 2007


This isn't a post about the delights of the quaint English teatime quiz show, but more a post about the countdown towards the James concert in Manchester. I know they've played a warm up gig, and they'll probably play a couple more before the start of the tour in a few days time, but none the less, it's pretty exciting that after nearly 6 years of nothing, I'll be watching James performing live again.

Yes, I've said it before that they are amongst my favourite bands of all time, and it's easy for me to wax lyrical about them, but that has to show how bloody good they are. It's easy to talk forever on a band that has influenced your life. I'm sure that others can do the same about other bands and can equally talk other bands up, but for me it's James and that's it.

Anyway, I sit here today staring out of the window and seeing scaffolding in front of me. I'm not sure what they are doing on the house as all the builders stated when I asked them was work to the fascia. We had no warning of this taking place and so I'm a little upset by that. Still it could have been work, we could have been asked to vacate for the work to be done and I wouldn't be able to add to this place would I? For some reason this morning it's a little misty, considering the past week or so has been beautiful spring weather it's strange to see the murky gray clouds that accompany the mist.

However today is one of the future and the past, I've talked of the future with James, and the past is consigned to the funeral of a neighbour of many years who died last week. It was a shock to hear that he'd died, though he hadn't been well for many years, and I hadn't seen much of him for quite a time, it was still a shock to hear of his death. I recall the the years spent as a child where I'd play games with all the other kids in the drive. His daughter being something of a leader for us as she was the older one of us all, it was she who got all the parents out to join us each year for the annual week of kids v parents at rounders and bull dog. The last being the some of the most funniest sites you've ever seen. Still that's the past and it's long gone. Today we think of those times and smile and be thankful that we had them with not only that neighbour, but with our own parents long gone, and others still with us.

I've another funeral next Tuesday to attend as well. My aunt died last week as well, on the same day as the neighbour. It wasn't a good day at all as you can imagine, to be told that two people who have influenced me in many ways died on the same day. It didn't make the journey home from a meeting any easier for me. In fact it brought a dark cloud over the whole week and though the weather has been kind to date, the mist and gloom I talked of before is very symbolic of how I've felt since last week. I guess the return to work this week after a two week break didn't help that mood, though of course that's another issue totally.

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