Thursday, April 26, 2007

24 Hours

Yesterday I did say things could collapse around me very quickly and hey why did I say it??? I don't really know, except that I knew something was wrong with everything going to plan. So within the space of the last 24 hours I've had nothing but bad news.

It started with a letter from my landlord, claiming that I owed him a months rent, when I knew I didn't, it seems this dates back to around 2004, but I thought we'd settled that one, but he claims other wise. I've gone to the estate agents to try and sort things out, but they don't seem to know what's happening either. Then the competition for the concert was drawn early and I didn't get a ticket, this is after it was delayed. I'm not so much angry that I didn't get the ticket, more the way it was ran. The competition was when I checked 20 seconds ago still being advertised, which isn't strange as they have a closing date for midnight tonight, but why have they drawn it now?? Then this morning my best friend, Lisa texts me to say she has to go to Dallas on Saturday with work and can't make the James concert on Saturday with me...........

I'm telling you I foresaw that this would happen, though not exactly the events that have happened, but more the fact that something would send me crashing around into a spin. The competition has really got me angry, as I'd hoped to get the tickets and had already started to rearrange my work scheduled around the gig. Still I have a chance with the local radio station, for those interested it this have to find the station in mind. I want those tickets and the less people that know about it the better!!!!

So today is the last working day of the week for me and I'm going to make it a fun day for all if I can. I know that a lot of my work colleagues are down right now, so I've got to try and impart some of my happiness onto them, but all I seem to be doing is scaring them, by being so loud and silly, which I know is the happy side of me. They can't take me when I'm like this, however, it's normally the other way around so it's a big change I guess.

I should say that I went to the shop last night and found that they were stocking the Bohemian Raspberry ice cream from Ben & Jerry's. I guess I found solace in a tub of ice cream last night and a bit this morning, it's really nice, and highly recommended to anyone who happens to stumble across this site.

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