Friday, April 06, 2007

Bad Break

Oh well it doesn't rain, but it pours I guess the saying goes. It certainly does for my mum over the past couple of weeks. Apart from losing a much loved friend and neighbour last Tuesday, on the same day her sister died, yesterday she had a fall and broke her foot.

The fall took place before going to her neighbours funeral, at which she hobbled around thinking she'd just sprained the foot. However, as the pain grew worse in the day, it was obvious a trip to the local A&E was in need. After a 2 hour stop over there we got home with mum on crutches and with a pot on her foot. Considering how old she is, not to have broken any bones before is a feat. However, she's not doing the crutches part very well, but she's going to have to learn to cope for a while. She does have a wheel chair that she's never used, so it will come in handy over the next few weeks.

As for me, well I write this in no physical pain, but I did find out that James were playing a warm up gig in Hoxton again next Tuesday. With mum being invalided, and it's her sister's funeral, means that any chance of me being able to go was gone, but to add insult to injury the tickets went on sale whilst I was in A&E with her. So I guess life goes on and I'll just have to wait and see what goes on. Work was it chaotic self yesterday as well, with me missing my supervision due to being asked to do some emergency cover work. I'm not to concerned, but it's just a bit mind blowing at times that I cover so many hours and still get little credit from management.

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