Saturday, April 14, 2007

Re-cap 7 days.

Was it really 7 days ago that I last wrote in here? OK, it's not like I haven't written for a while, but it doesn't seem that long ago.

So mum's foot wasn't broken after all, it was more a very bad sprain. They've taken the plaster off and to be honest she's moving as well as ever. I think the fact they immobilised it helped the recovery period and she's now back in the old routine. She's far happier than she was and move her self is you know what I mean, I think we were both starting to suffer with cabin fever, though we'd been to Eccles and my Aunt's funeral, we'd been stuck in the house otherwise. So come Wednesday of this week, all I can say is that I was happy to go into work, just to break the spell of being at my mum's and also to speak to others apart from my mum. Mum on the other hand went to bingo.

I'd got to breaking point by Wednesday however and needed to rest or at least to relax a little and not be in "work mode" constantly. I feel refreshed and back on track so to speak, and loving the feeling of being back in "MY normal world". However, I've not a care in the world right now and that's something spooky. Still something will come along and bite me and when it does, how prepared I am I don't know.

So onto other things, this past week saw the end of the hockey season both in North America and the UK, and though the UK was a bit more successful than the Oilers, I think this years hockey is best left to the history books. Football wise, United killed Roma in the quarters of the Champions League, 7-1..... Yes 7 goals against an Italian team who are second in there league. It was without doubt one of the finest displays in Europe by United. They play later today in the FA Cup semi's against Watford. It should on the form that United showed be a walk over, but it's the cup and it's all on the day.

We are now only 2 weeks away from the James gigs, they start the tour this week with a couple of warm up gigs, and I may try to get to one of them if I can. I don't know if I can or not, but we'll give it a try for sure if I can.

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