Saturday, April 07, 2007


OK, so things haven't gone to plan of late as can be seen by the last couple of posts, but just as things were settling down, my body has gone into breakdown mode. My back hasn't been stable for a week or so, but for the past 24 hours it's been agony, and no matter how many pain killers I take it's not getting any easier. Add on top of that my shoulder seems to be playing up, which has me slightly scared that it's going to freeze again means I'm almost falling to pieces.

This should mean that I should consider some sick leave from work, but I dare not, considering how much time off I've had this year so far, with all of my holidays. Then added to all the trips away made for meetings etc, it wouldn't be fair to the parents or the young people that I work with. Apart from my own health issues, I've the situation with my mum, of whom I could probably claim some sort of carers leave, but again I'd feel guilty in doing so. It's going to be interesting next week to say the least.

However going onto yesterday, mum's next door neighbour and the newest neighbour to the street helped build a ramp for us to use with mum's chair. It's only a temporary thing of course, if it were to be permanent then we'd have a ramp concreted into the step. Mum hasn't been out since Wednesday, and for some reason I'm sure she won't want to go out today either. I shall however encourage her to make the move. She can't sit around the house all day. I know it isn't the most ideal situation, but I'll attempt to get her out at some point.

With everyone in the drive eager to see if mum was OK yesterday I missed one or two things on the television and radio that I wanted to watch/listen too. I can't complain, but it's frustrating to say the least. Maybe a bit more frustrating due to the fact that I can't do anything other than be around the house to help mum whenever she wants to move or anything. I know that someone owes me big style now, and it's not my mum.......

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