Friday, December 23, 2005

Poor, Very Poor!!!

I'm oh so sorry for not adding to this blog over the past 9 days or so. I'd honestly hadn't realised that it had been so long since I posted. Still I'm alive and well for that matter and I've not done anything silly yet. I've thought about it, but not in a serious way if I'm honest.

So what has gone on? Well last Friday I went out with a former colleague of mine and yes we had a few drinks. We were in the fabled gay village in Manchester, where we started off with 3 pints of beer, before leaving that bar and moving onto another and another set of drinks. WKD's and Vodka and Oragnes........ That was fine, till we both decided that after 4 in an hour we better change to something less easy to drink... Vodka and red bull??? Horrible taste, how she could drink that I don't know. Mind you it went down just as quick as my JD and Coke. Oh throw in a aftershock and you can imagine the state that one of us were in, the other remembers what she said and helping her friend to get home. I'm glad I'm the later.

It's been a good week for United in that we won all our games with ease and look like we are a team once more. I've been critical on here of them and everything about the club this year. I stand by that, but serve notice that credit is due for the recent up turn in performance.

I've got my Christmas shopping all but done, I need to get my mum something for under the tree, which I'll probably do today, as I want to go and do some shopping for me as well. I'll head up to the hockey shop and get myself some hockey related presents and then get my mum a book for Christmas. I know that's what I'm intending doing when I can, but this is a different book.

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