Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Nelson Struck

Well, it's been a few days since my last post, it's not that I've had nothing to say or that I've been too deep within myself to write, no it's been down to Nelson that I haven't written. Who's Nelson I hear some of you shout, well I do think it's Admiral Nelson of the British navy I'm talking about. So why did he prevent me from writing when he's been dead near enough 200 years??

I've mentioned how we Brit's love our cricket, well for some reason the score of 111 is named Nelson, and is considered bad luck. Most cricketers or those involved in cricket will have a little superstion to get through that little passage of play when Nelson is scored. Unfortunately I couldn't really do that on here could I? So after the Nelson post on Friday I was hoping for a good day.....

Well as predicted George Best died on Friday, which though expected wasn't exactly good fortune, it's left Manchester feeling a bit numb to be honest. Even though he was Irish, we still regarded him as one of our own. Still everything else went ok, I went out with Lisa to the Trafford Centre and did some window shopping, and then we went to Rusholme for a curry. It was a really nice curry and of course being in Rusholme really cheap. So a bit of bad luck to meet Nelson, but nothing major you say!!

Saturday morning I wake up to see how the Oilers had gone on againt Calgary and what do I find?? Nothing! No power to my pc or monitor. I'm unsure of the reason, as the plug rack that I've got my pc on, is working fine and the speakers and external modem is working. Maybe the power pack had gone? I don't know a quick look inside doesn't shed any light on the matter. I think perhaps a fuse in the plug had gone, but as the other plugs were working and the rack were working I discount that theory. So it's wait for the shop to open and take the pc in. I then went to the big Tesco around the corner and buy a couple of hairdryers, as both my mum's and my own had blown over the past few weeks.

I get back to my mum's go wash my hair and come down, go to use one of the hairdryers and it cuts out on me!! This is now turning the Nelson post into serious bad luck mode. I get the other one out, which works fine. No problem in my head, as of course my pc will be ready later in the day and I can go and replace the hairdryer. I get no phone calls from the pc shop, so I call them back and the pc is working, but they want to carry out some further checks it won't be till Monday the pc is ready!!! No pc for the weekend, it was like losing my right arm. All I had was my radio to keep me company in my little flat. So I spent a lot of time at my mum's watching tv.

So without going into many a detail from Sunday, which involved going to the pub to watch United play there first game since the death of the legend that was Georgy Best, which they won. Coming onto Monday morning, I had a supervision meeting at work with my line manager. That was going to be a popular meeting as I had plenty to say and she in turn had plenty to say to myself. It was, how to put this unpleasant viewing for both parties it seemed, and though I took a battering I gave one out as well. I guess that's what supervision is all about.

Anyway, come the end of the 2 hour meeting, I get down stairs in the office and phone the pc shop, and they are happy for me to have my pc back, with no repairs done, as they've found nothing wrong. I took my power lead up, and lo and behold the reason for the problem was discovered, the fuse in the power lead plug had gone. So I went out bought some and replaced it and the pc is working again. I feel so stupid over this, it's unreal. Add to the fact I took the hairdryer back and they tested it at the shop and it worked. They did say that they'd experienced that before, so it made me feel even smaller, than previously.

Still it's done and I've got my pc back and a new hairdryer. Oh and as for the weekend, it was great apart from that! I saw plenty of Lisa, went out for a couple of meals with her, and went to the cinema on Saturday to see Flightplan, which wasn't bad, but it wasn't the greatest film and I wouldn't pay over £5 to go and see it again.

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