Thursday, November 24, 2005


It takes courage to see look at oneself and to suggest you are not good enough, but that's what I've done. I feel almost relieved that I've done such a thing. I can now move forward and relax a bit. I've been a bit down of late, as can be seen in the last few posts, and that is mainly due to what has been going on at work. Well I've just sat down and written a letter of resignation, to which I can add or delete items from. I've given myself a few days to see what happens, but this is it.

With that done, I feel as if a great weight has been taken from my shoulders, is that normal? I think it is the fact that I've done something about my situation and one which I'm sort of happy with. I shouldn't be happy as if I walk it's over 19 years of work down the pan.

Still who cares? I don't anymore, it's more about me than it is them. I've got to stop allowing myself to be dragged down into a mire every time something goes wrong. Enough of the people within the project have chipped away at me of late and that's the straw that has broken the back as such. I can't let them get to me.

So onto other things? Well not a lot else has taken place, though I did spend some time with my niece last night. As my 1 to 1 didn't want to go and see Harry Potter we finished early and so I got home to find her there till around 8pm. That was around 3 hours of her being around. I enjoyed it as much as she did, and even if my mum and sister were not happy with some of the things we did, it was fun. Message to everyone, don't play football in the house! Now we didn't break anything, but we could have and I'd have been shot for it. Though the cheek of it, I was accused of being a one trick pony with the football. How can you do anything in a space of 2 yards?? That was the width of the hall way, while the length was greater, we had the stair case to cater for and coat stands. It was to narrow to do anything. Mind you my neice has only just got into football, so it's ok for her to accuse me I guess.

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